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This is one of the "worthy projects" I mentioned about a year ago. Awake! (ISBN: 978-0-9828267-6-8) is an anthology of four novellas (short novels), each written by a different author: Brian Katcher: Pervert, Robin Reardon: A Line in the Sand, Jordan Taylor: Shattered Diamonds, and yours truly, with an introduction by Kathe Koja. My contribution, Worth Waiting For, is a story about a young lesbian, Marina Gallo, who, when she falls in love and joins a gay-straight alliance, learns just how her beloved, very religious mom feels about gay people, and is faced with an agonizing decision.

I called Awake! a "worthy project" because all the money it earns will go to The Trevor Project, a truly life-saving national organization that provides three vital services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender young people. The Project's TrevorChat is an instant messaging service through which LGBTQ teens can talk one-on-one to a trained volunteer who'll answer questions, provide support, and tell them about services in or near where they live. TrevorSpace is the Project's safe social network site for teens, and the TrevorLifeline is a hotline for kids in crisis and/or who are considering suicide. Trevor's also on Facebook and Twitter. Go to their web site to find out more!

Awake!, published by Cheyenne Publishing, is now available. Ask for it at your local independent bookstore, or contact the publisher for a list of sources (click on "Where To Buy" on their website).


Dear BullyDEAR BULLY:  70 Authors Tell Their Stories

Dear Bully is an anthology of short essays, most of them reminiscences of actual bullying incidents experienced by 70 different authors of books for children and teens. (I'm one of the 70, and my essay is called "Memory Videos.") The essays were gathered in 2010 by authors Carrie Jones and Megan Kelley Hall in reaction to the tragic suicides of Phoebe Prince and other bullied kids in 2010, and in the hopes that people who read the essays will understand more about this always harmful and sometimes tragic scourge, and that they, along with parents and school personnel, will be moved to talk about bullying with one another and work toward its prevention.

Some of the proceeds from Dear Bully will go to a national anti-bullying program.

Dear Bully, which I'm told has a website and will have a Facebook page, is scheduled to be published in late August, 2011, by HarperTeen of HarperCollins; it will appear in hardcover (ISBN-13: 978-0-0620609-8-3), paperback, and in various digital versions. An article about the anthology appeared in GLAMOUR Magazine in February 2011, and another is scheduled to appear around the time the book comes out.







Books In Progress


Believe it or not, there's actually been some progress here, although neither of the two novels I've been working on for some time now is quite ready for anyone to buy.

The younger novel, for kids from 10-14, is very close to ready for publishers to look at. It's centered on Haley, a budding journalist and the youngest of six kids, all of whom are worried about their war correspondent father, who's missing in Afghanistan. As the little family newspaper Haley and her cousin Jane produce takes sides in a in a community-wide controversy over "foreign" lawn ornaments, the news from Afghanistan worsens--and Haley finds just how complicated, dangerous, and draining newspaper work can be.

The novel for older teens--well, I'm not ready to say much about it yet, except that its primary characters are homeless LGBTQ teens. I hope to spend the summer going over input I've gotten from some truly wonderful people, and finishing it at last!




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