My best-known books are for teens, but some are for kids from 10-14 or 8-12, and one is a picture storybook for much younger kids. Most of my books are fiction (stories), but some of my earlier ones are nonfiction (about factual things). I like writing for different age groups and about lots of different subjects!

You can contact my publishers for many of my newest books, or buy or order them through your local independent bookstore. You can also buy them from online companies like or, or, of course, borrow them from your school or public library.

I know that it's often more handy to get books on-line than to seek them out in bookstores, especially if you live in a small town or the country. But did you know that you can order books on-line from the websites of most independent bookstores as well as from the big on-line and off-line chains like Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

'Tis true--and most "indie" stores are terrific at giving readers one-on-one help when it comes to finding or choosing books. They're also great supporters of writers and their work. So if you can, "Try Indies First," s the saying goes--especially for new and recent titles.

It's a sad truth of the publishing world, but in these cost- and budget-conscious days, books tend to go out of print quickly, which means that it soon becomes impossible for readers to buy new copies. Most of my scary books, for example, and some of my others are out of print and therefore not available in most stores. Some of these though, are available on-line or, of course, in libraries. And a few, like Good Moon Rising and The Candlestone Inn series, are available directly from their publishers (see the specific blurbs for those books here on my site.)

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